We have identified the following problems faced by corps members

Accommodations Problems; Most employers till date are still unable to provide accommodations for corps members posted to their organizations. A lot of Corps members struggle with settling into their Places of Primary Assignments;

No Finance for Career Advancement; The difficulties faced by Corps Members trying to obtaining professional certifications and training for career advancements; we currently run a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Skills, it 100% practical skills and with 6 certifications. The future of Workforce to come will only be for the digital inclined graduates who can practical executes task in work place not the formal analog but automated. 

No Capital to Start a Business; No body is willing to support and invest in fresh Idea, only crazy ideas can take flight when its for the new millennial, therefore youths are unable to secure start-up capital for small businesses; KopasAids gets you your required funding but after you had passed through the Business startup Incubator and Accelerator programme of

Not Sure of Future After Service; The headaches associated with the uncertainties of life After Service and the continuous increase of Unemployment after the one year of compulsory National Service; So starting a business is not a bad idea, learn Digital skills to stand you out and secure for yourself a brighter future.

Personal issues; At various points, Corps members are faced with personal problems that requires urgent financial attentions, Corpers find it difficult to relying on their menial Federal Allowance to carter for their personal needs;

Availability of Food Supply: Majority of funds or allawee gotten during the service year goes to maintaining one-selves with proper feeding, with food out of human problems, life becomes enjoyable and comfortable. with kopaskonet Food Combo Pack get half market price value for your food supply

Our Solutions

Since we exist to create solution to majority of the problems faced, we are in partnership with the KopasAids, a franchise from a reputable Non Governmental Organisation making sure Nigerian Youth play a significant role in building themselves alongside building the Nation.

KopasAids has come up with the solutions, carefully designed to add value to your services year and beyond  with our Zero Percent (0%) no Interest Aid packages on All Financial/Material Aids and a Flexible Payback Period Suitable for Corps Members to Aid in providing lasting solutions to these struggles while they are still in service to our dear Nation.