Its quite a journey, Thank God for taking you this far, but know that the journey just started. As what you have now (skill&experience) will not only take you through the first phase of “Ex-corper” but if you are the type that wakes, sleeps, cooks the best soup, watch all the latest cinema, shop for the latest clothing, resumes to ppa 7am and closes by night….
Sorry to break the news to you, you need another mobilization to make it right, but that you can never get. You have one grace left, but before that, if you had invested your allowance into registering for one or more SKILLS SET TRAINING or A ROFESSIONAL course HSE, NIM, SAED POST CAMP, etc. Congrats you are ready for the next level of labour market.

Gone are those days that when you graduates, a job is waiting for you as we dont have much graduates on ground then, but right now what stands you out is your skills & experience, no matter how little it is, so far it can solve someone problem, you will be paid for doing it.

So back to the who we want to share the last chance or grace period for.
Digital Skills is one of the leading component of the future of workforce, as a banker you work with computers and financial software, as an engineer you need the know how of Revit, Autocads, and others, for a tailor or food vendors selling and getting new and more customers just got easier as with the use of social media, you can sell to everyone needing your product from anywhere in the globe.

We will having a three days event targeted towards those who had purpose in their heart to make the best our of life and time.
below are scheduled to take place
1. Fun unlimited: Movie at the Cinema, Outdoor games, Wellness session (body massage and yoga), pool games and swimming with lots of foods to eat.
2. Information/Eye opener: Business time, Tech Meetup, Money matters, Job Placements.
3. Networking and Community Service: Orphanage visit, Sanitary health sensitization to secondary schools, Voluntary Blood Donation exercise.

All this within 4 days Sept 26th to 28th 2019.

Dont forget no one is really interested in the University nor Polytechnic you attended but what interest your employer is what you can offer as a solution to their problem. If you are yet to finish your service year, you are lucky that time is in your favour, but if you already passing out, make do with what you have left and enroll for a Digital Skills now that you may possibly get discounts as a corper, dont wait till, paying will be difficult as it will be with no discount after you service year.

I do say that getting a work is far better than seeking for a job, as work locates you, you will get called by companies trying hook up with you to see if you can work for them. BUT the other way round, you submit CV, attend interviews just to get a Job. It not worth the stress the pay arent compensating enough to cover the time used. So have a skill that will attract Managers, HRs to search for you. Do you know that your online presents is enough to get you that dream job. Your facebook profile, your IG, and other should be your portfolio platform for now.


hosted by KOPASKONET in conjunction with Bristol Palace, CoolFMKano, FilmHouseCinema, FCMBank, Access Bank, Gtbank.