year 2020 week 12 update

*Kopaskonet E-Solutions Platform*
Year 2020 Week 12 update

*Update 1*: Congratulations to the 2019 BATCH A Corps members
*Update 2*: Digital Academy: Enroll for Batch b, Cohort 4.3 of digital
professional skills
*UPDATE 3*: FUN TIME: Corper’s Special (Meet & Grill @Bristol Palace)
*Update 4*: Revive Africa Initiative host a 2-week interior decoration training
*Update 5*: Accommodation and gadget transfer for passing out corpers members
*Update 6*: Kopaskonet Meetup, Idea StartUp and iVOLUNTEER Platform

*UPDATE 1: Congratulations to the 2019 BATCH A Corps members*
The Coordinator, National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) in Kano, Hajiya Aisha
Mohammed, says 36 corps members of the 2019 batch ‘A’ serving in the state will
repeat the service year.

Aisha Mohammed, who made the disclosure at the passing out parade for the batch A
2019 on Thursday in Kano, said the affected Corps members absconded from their
Places of Primary Assignment (PPA) for about three months.

She added that another 72 members would be disciplined for various offences ranging
from extension of service for between two weeks to five months.

According to the coordinator, the NYSC in Kano lost a corps member, Mr Sirajo
Lawal, during the service year, while 2,494 successfully passed out.
Mohammed explained that the late corps member, before his death, was serving with
Fagge Local Government Area of the state.

She commended the state Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, for his unflinching support to
NYSC in Kano, urging his government not to relent in its laudable gesture.

The coordinator further said that the corps members, during their service year,
were posted to four critical areas of Health, Education, Agriculture and
infrastructure across the 44 local councils of the state.

In his remarks, Gov. Ganduje said that the ceremony indicated that the nation’s
prayers for collective dreams of national unity, peace and development was

Ganduje, represented by the Commissioner for Information, Mr Muhammed Garba,
reiterated the administration’s commitment to the overall development of the state.

According to him, the government of Kano state embarked on some critical projects,
such as extension of basic infrastructures, free and compulsory basic education.

He said that other areas given priority included the expansion of tertiary
education and agriculture to avail the citizens and visitors full opportunities for
self fulfilment.

Ganduje also assured the NYSC management of his government’s commitments to the
welfare and security of corps members in Kano state.

The governor urged all corps members to contribute meaningfully to the development
of their host communities and the nation at large wherever they might find

*UPDATE 2: Digital Academy: Enroll for Batch b, Cohort 4.3 of digital professional
The Next Cohort starts May 1st and ends June 31st 2020.
There are 7 Professional Digital Skills with total of 3 months (weekends only), 8
weeks of intensive in-class practical training and 4 weeks of project/internship
where all your skills is explore and monetised.
*Discounted Tuition* (NGN18,999 – NGN30,999 per skills) closes 15th May, 2020.
check out the training schedule <> <>

For interested corps members who want to add more value to themselves, acquire
important TECH skills that sells you out beyond what your DEGREE certificate can
take you to.
Registration starts Wednessday 18th March 2020, and only 50 slots is available with
each trainee assigned to a laptop, power supply, purely 100% intensive practical
sessions, 4 weeks project and internship mandate, PGD certificate, NYSC SAED
Certificate, check out previous cohorts graduation and testimonials

*UPDATE 3: FUN TIME: Corper’s Special (Meet & Grill @Bristol Palace)*
It been long time you sit down with friends and colleagues on a dinner, in a serine
environment, chatting over a meal, listen and getting entertained by a live bands
playing sweet sensational R&Bs, having a luxury fun just came true for you.

Kopaskonet E-Solutions Platform just broke a record collaborating with the
management of Bristol Palace Hotel, if you dont know Bristol pls google it,
according to facts; Bristol is the only and no 1 Hotel in Kano with the highest
Luxury which comes with the highest cost of sleeping in of their suite.
We want to create oppurtunity for corpers to know and network with the movers and
shaker of the land, and only in places like this you get connections.
Book your slot as we only have few Entry Ticket. <> <>Reserve your spot and make
payment immediately because only your payment validate your bookings.
Your special package gets you free drink and a mini shawama, access to the VIP
dome, grill and dine with our guest artist, first 20 corpers gets free access to
our internet wifi.

*Update 4: Revive Africa Initiative host a 2-week interior decoration training*
HOST a 2 Weeks Training in Interior Decoration, starting from tomorrow March 16th
to 28th 2020.

kindly visit to register for FREE.
Venue: Muritala State Library Complex Ahmadu Bello Way Nassarawa GRA. Kano.
Time: 2pm to 5pm on each day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday).

Tuition Fee: FREE
Training Badge & Certificate: NGN2500

*Skills to be trained on*
<> Calabash Wall Decoration
<> Straw Wall Decoration
<> Wall Hanger
<> Wallpaper Decoration
<> Basketball Decoration
<> Calabash Glitter Shine
<> Flower Verse Decoration
<> Shoe Making
<> Bag Making

Register now:
Make wise use of the break to learn some skills that will matter in the future to
for more info pls call 07063644104 or 08168435694
Announcer Mr Seun 08036481477

*Update 5: Accommodation and gadget transfer for passing out corpers members*
Kopaskonet E-Solutions Platform have made arrangement and consideration for corps
members passing who have apartment to transfer to another and also gadget or home
appliances like mattress, cooking gas, fan, cooking utensils etc. that we are
available to help in the transition, we help turn to cash, sell on our platform or
we buy from you if we see value.
we currently have some furnished apartment all around kano state
Kumbosto/Gwale lga =
Nassarawa/Fagge/Tarauni lga =
Tarauni lga =

*Update 6: iVOLUNTEER PLATFORM; Call for Application*
call for volunteers will be up soon for anyone in tech who is ready to impact lives
with skills you already have, also learn new ones, work with a team, spend valued
time with others volunteering for community based project and social enterprises
mainly in tech.

Series of project for the year are requires that you are well
grounded in at least one tech skill.
Ranging from Microsoft office to graphic, to
website development, data analysis, digital marketing, public speaking, idea
pitching, business plan writing, report writing, speech and minute taking, event
management, photography and videography, fashionista to mention a view.

iVolunteer Platform gives you opportunity to showcase yourself to the large
audience, get noticed, challenge your creativity, meet and network with people that
matters, increase your leadership profile, build your team spirit, work without
supervision, travel to new locations, live in luxury, taste life in poverty for
suburb or rural movement, know who you are…..
1 time in a month personal
development training and meet up.

All this and lots more await volunteers on
iVolunteer Platform.

Join us now, REGISTER here <> <>

*Kopaskonet E-Solutions Platform*
Catering for Nigerian Corps Members Welfare
Save this contact for future updates.

frequent asked questions

week 1: January Update (2020 year for double portion)

*FREE STAY, Temporary stay, Yearly rent, Roommate options*
Check out videos of apartment we have.

We received lots of response like the below.
1. who are you
2. how did you get my contact
3. i like this concept. how can i join the group to be part of the business clinic
4. am no longer in kano i relocated.

1. Who are you? I am Matt i work with Kopaskonet E-Solutions Platform catering for corps members welfare in Nigerian.
2. How did you get my contact? the platform duties is to reach out, and send update on importance notification that can better the life of the corps members.
3. i like this concept, how do i join? we dont create WhatsApp groups, we only render services that saves corps members time, energy, language barriers, settlement issh and the likes, so you are already on our platform, as you get important notifications. which you can act on.
4. am no longer in kano i relocated? information is key to life existence, no matter where you are you need to have vital information to leverage on, which location does not limit.

*Kopaskonet Lodge*

For clarity sake below are the full details of all our available space.

*Nassarawa LGA*
Call Officer in charge 08066677856
*Lodge 1*:
Available space: 1 room vacant
Facilities: one mattress per room, Cooking gas, Ceiling fan, Interior Deco
Amenities: General Kitchen, Personal Toilet, Well water supply within the compound, Open space in the compound, Secured Fence with Gate.
Location: Yan Dodo Hotoro Byepass
Price: NGN 85,000
Video link:

*Lodge 2*
Available space: 1 room vacant
Facilities: one mattress per room, Ceiling fan, carpet, 5kg cooking gas.
Amenities: General Kitchen, General Toilet, Well water supply within the compound, Open space in the compound, Secured Fence
Location: Yan Dodo Hotoro Byepass
Price: NGN 60,000
Video Link:

*Lodge 3* *RENTED*
Available space: 1 rooms vacant
Facilities: one mattress, Cooking gas, Ceiling fan, Interior Deco
Amenities: General Kitchen, Personal Toilet, Well water supply on the street, Open space in the compound, Secured Fence with Gate.
Location: Yan Dodo Hotoro Byepass
Price: NGN 85,000
Video Link:

*Lodge 4*
Available space: 1 room vacant
Facilities: one mattress, Cooking gas, Ceiling fan, Interior Deco
Amenities: General Kitchen, Personal Toilet, Well water supply within the street, Open space in the compound, Secured Fence with Gate.
Location: Yan Dodo Hotoro Byepass
Price: NGN 70,000
Options: Male roommate for only Jan, Feb and Mar which thereafter you have the whole room to yourself from March till December.
Video Link:

Call Officer in charge 08066677856
*Lodge 5*
Available space: 1 room vacant
Facilities: one mattress, Cooking gas, Ceiling fan, Interior Deco
Amenities: General Kitchen, Personal Toilet, Well water supply within the street, Open space in the compound, Secured Fence with Gate.
Location: Yan Awaki Tarauni LGA.
Price: NGN 40,000 (6months)
Options: Female roommate for only 6months
Video link:

*Lodge 6*
Available space: 2 rooms vacant
Facilities: one mattress, Cooking gas, Ceiling fan, Interior Deco
Amenities: General Kitchen, Personal Toilet, Well water supply within the compound, Open space in the compound, Secured Fence with Gate.
Location: Yan Awaki Tarauni LGA.
Price: NGN 140,000 per room (for furnished apartment)
NGN 120,000 per room (for empty apartment) and

*Lodge 7* one month
Available space: 1 room vacant
Facilities: one mattress, Ceiling fan, Interior Deco
Amenities: no Kitchen, Personal Toilet, Well water supply within the street, Secured Fence with Gate.
Location: Yan Awaki Tarauni LGA.
Price: NGN 8,000
Video link:

*Lodge 8*
Available space: 1 master bedroom vacant
Facilities: one mattress, Ceiling fan, Interior Deco, cooking gas
Amenities: personal Kitchen, Personal Toilet, Well water supply within the compound, Secured Fence with Gate.
Location: Yan Awaki Tarauni LGA.
Price: NGN 150,000 (one year)
Video link:

*lodge 9*
Available space: 1 room vacant
Facilities: one mattress, Ceiling fan, Interior Deco, cooking gas
Amenities: General Kitchen, General Toilet, Well water supply within the street, Secured Fence with Gate.
Location: Danbare qtrs. Opposite BUK NEW SITE, Gwarzo road.
Price: NGN 85,000 (one year)
Video Link:

*lodge 10* *Male roommate only*
Available space: 1 room vacant
Facilities: one mattress, Ceiling fan, Interior Deco, cooking gas
Amenities: General Kitchen, General Toilet, Well water supply within the street, Secured Fence with Gate.
Location: Danbare qtrs. Opposite BUK NEW SITE, Gwarzo road.
Price: NGN 45,000 (one year only for male roommate option)
Video Link:

*lodge 11*
Available space: 1 room vacant
Facilities: one mattress, Ceiling fan, Interior Deco, cooking gas
Amenities: General Kitchen, personal Toilet, Well water supply within the street, Secured Fence with Gate.
Location: Danbare qtrs. Opposite BUK NEW SITE, Gwarzo road.
Price: NGN 75,000 (one year)
Video Link:

*LODGE 12*
Available space: 1 room vacant
Facilities: one mattress, Ceiling fan, Interior Deco, cooking gas
Amenities: General Kitchen & Toilet, Well water supply within the street, Secured Fence with Gate.
Location: Court road, behind Jaiz bank, zoo road.
Price: NGN 85,000 (one year)
Video Link: ON REQUEST

*LODGE 13*
Available space: 2 room vacant
Facilities: one mattress, Ceiling fan, Interior Deco, cooking gas
Amenities: General Kitchen, personal Toilet, Well water supply within the street, Secured Fence with Gate.
Location: Badawa layout.
Price: NGN 130,000 (one year)
Video Link: ON REQUEST

Kindly save this contact 08066677856 as the official line for *Kopaskonet E-Solutions Platform*, you can either call or chat us up, but if you dont want to get this update again, pls reply us with *REMOVE ME FROM YOUR LIST*
Have a great week ahead. and Mercy Journey back to Kano.

E-commerce Glossary

E-commerce Glossary you need to know.

A quick look at words you may come across when dealing with e-commerce. Experts often hide behind incomprehensible words to make even simple issues appear complex and difficult – something you cannot do without them. Well, with ShopFactory you can. But here are some of those terms that you will run into again and again, anyway.

Browser:  Software that allows you to read information and navigate on the Internet: The most important ones are Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Domain name:  A Web site address that belongs exclusively to you and takes people straight to your Web site, wherever it is stored on the Internet.

Download:  When you transfer information from the Internet to your computer.

E-commerce:  While there are many definitions for e-commerce, for me it’s simply selling goods and services via the Internet.

E-mails:  Electronic messages that are sent over the Internet, similar to letters.

Encryption:  A process in which information is scrambled so no unauthorized person can read it.

FTP:  File Transfer Protocol – simply a method in which you can upload and download information to and from the Internet. Good shop building software takes care of this for you. But specialized programs can often do a better job.

Font:  The name of a style of text.

HTML:  The name of the programming language used to create web pages. Shop building software will take care of this – so there is no need to know it.

Internet:  A worldwide network of computers.

Internet Service Provider:  A company that gives you access to the Internet.

Merchant:  Someone who sells goods.

Merchant account:  A bank account that allows people to accept credit card payments.

Meta tags:  Special information embedded in web pages, which allows search engines to index and classify your web site better.

Modem:  A device that lets one computer talk to another computer via the telephone line.

Network:  Several computers hooked together so the can exchange information with each other.

Online:  When you have an active connection to the Internet.

PGP:  Software that encrypts important information so it can be sent over the Internet securely. PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy – and goes up to military garde encryption.

Real-time payment service providers:  An online service that will process credit card transactions for you – for a commission.

Redirect URL:  A Web site address that belongs almost exclusively to you – and finds your Web site no matter where it is stored on the Internet.

Search engine:  A Web site that helps you find other Web sites on the Internet.

Shop building software:  Computer program that allows you to build a shop for the Internet.

SSL:  Software called Secure Sockets Layer that encrypts information before sending it via the Internet. It is included in all browsers.

Traffic:  The amount of  information being passed around the Internet.

Upload:  Transferring information from your computer to the Internet.

URL:  Universal Resource Locator – the technical term for ‘Web site address’.

Web host:  A company that rents out space on the Internet to allow you to place web pages on it.

Web page:  A ‘page’ on the World Wide Web.

Web site:  A ‘page’ or group of ‘pages’ on the World Wide Web.

Web site address:  The address for a web site – so you can find it on the Internet with your browser.

World Wide Web:  All web-sites on the Internet combined – used also as term for Internet.

5 Reasons why you need to have infographic Resume

5 Reasons to know you need an Infographic know-how in designs!!


Over the most recent two decades, infographics have detonated as a standout amongst the most well known sorts of advertising content in the advanced world. In 2018, 56% of business-to-business content advertisers had expanded their utilization of pictures, for example, infographics, as per the Content Marketing Institute-UK.

In any case, how would you know when you need an infographic for your business? Here we give you five explanations behind which an infographic might be the best decision for your next promoting effort.


Interesting information can get covered when it’s not displayed such that is straightforward. A spreadsheet with a thousand cells in it can contain some interesting bits of knowledge, however, you may not simply advance that spreadsheet to your manager, and you unquestionably dislike to post it on Twitter.

Related image

Rather, you may haul out information perceptions of the most energizing or astounding data, and leave the rest in the spreadsheet, where it has a place. At that point, to organize the information intelligently and engagingly, you may require an infographic. These endeavours will go far in helping you slice through the commotion for your partners or your intended interest group and in helping them in making similar determinations you have.


You may need to recount to the tale of your image or your item. Then again, you might need to disclose to potential clients what issue your organization is attempting to understand. In the event that you will connect with your group of onlookers, you may need to utilize all the best visual narrating methodologies.

Related image

An infographic finishes a character a voyage of revelation, or it arranges information so that it recounts to its own story. In like manner, it might consolidate these two methodologies, at the same time excluding any pointless data and keeping perusers connected using visuals. They might be significantly more liable to share an infographic of your story than a 1,500-word article.


On the off chance that your online life commitment isn’t the place it ought to be, or the bob rate on your webpage is excessively high, this implies you are not achieving your intended interest group. Visual substance is the arrangement. You might share content overwhelming blog entries or articles, or making DIY infographics with stock pictures or symbols.

Related image

These don’t connect with like an infographic that is hand crafted for its substance. 91% of purchasers lean toward visual substance over customary configurations. Give your gathering of people what they need to see, and they’ll be bound to share and lock-in.


On the off chance that your site’s skip rate is high, it might be that you are not utilizing enough uniquely designed visual substance. In the event that you depend intensely on content to communicate as the need should arise, numerous guests might not have the persistence to remain put for long. Rather, it might be ideal in the event that you had an infographic to clarify what you do, present your items and administrations, and keep them locked in.

Related image

The outcomes are conceivably gigantic. Sites with infographics get 30x greater commitment, and blog entries with infographics get 40x more offers. You’ll additionally observe, by and large, 84% more perspectives and 94% more snaps ensured.


Maybe your item or administration isn’t so normal for the normal purchaser to get it. On the other hand, perhaps you need to share the aftereffects of an extensive report or study. You may require an infographic to come down this unpredictable data into something justifiable and shareable.
Related image

An infographic should concentrate just on the most convincing focuses in any arrangement of information. On the off chance that you have a great deal to share, consider making a progression of infographics or creating a web based life micronarrative, included a progression of little designs that, together, recount to a greater story.


There are a lot of different reasons an infographic might be the best decision for your next crusade. Nonetheless, if any of the above apply to your showcasing needs, you realize that it’s a great opportunity to put resources into an infographic now.

The Digital Future of Jobs


Innovation in the business world is accelerating exponentially, with new disruptive technologies and trends emerging that are fundamentally changing how businesses and the global economy operate. To adapt, thrive, and innovate, we all need to be aware of these evolutionary technologies and trends and understand the opportunities or threats they might present to our organizations, our careers, and society on a whole.

With this in mind, I recently had the opportunity to compile 99 Facts on the Future of Business in the Digital Economy. This presentation includes facts, predictions, and research findings on some of the most impactful technologies and trends that are driving the future of business in the digital economy.

To help you find facts for specific topics, I have grouped the facts into six subsets. Here is the fourth of these:


1. Employee engagement and purpose

Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged, meaning that the other 87% are not involved in, enthusiastic about, or committed to their work and company.

Source: “The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis,” Gallup

Companies with engaged employees outperform their peers by up to 202%.

Source: “The Importance of Employee Engagement,” Dale Carnegie Training

In a study of 100 variables, seeing purpose and value in work was the single most important factor that motivated employees. Yes, more than compensation.

Source: “Purpose Trumps Cash + Other New Research Findings,” LinkedIn

75% of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Source: “2016 Cone Communications Millennial Employee Engagement Study,” Cone Communications

How millennials want to work and live is a problem leaders need to take seriously. Just 40% of millennials feel strongly connected to their company’s mission.

Source: “Millennials Not Connecting With Their Company’s Mission,” Gallup

In the next year, one in four millennials plans to leave his or her current employer, and by 2020, two in three millennials expect to have found a new employer.

Source: “The 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey – Winning Over the Next Generation of Leaders,” Deloitte

Organizations in which employees perceive meaning at work are 21% more profitable.

Source: “Meaning@Work, Leadership in Times of Digitization,” Future of Leadership Initiative

2.  Value of diversity 

The 43 public companies in the DiversityInc Top 50 were 24% more profitable than the S&P 500 average.

Source: “Cultural Diversity in the Work Place: How Diversity at Work Makes More Money for You,” The Balance

A McKinsey & Company study found companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity were 35% more likely to have financial returns above national industry medians.

Source: “The Inclusive Leader,” Korn Ferry Institute

Companies where women make up at least 15% of senior managers had more than 50% higher profitability than those where female representation was less than 10%.

Source: “The CS Gender 3000: The Reward for Change,” Credit Suisse Research Institute

3.  Automation and human-machine interaction

By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse.

Source: “Top Strategic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond: Surviving the Storm Winds of Digital Disruption,” Gartner

A new McKinsey report finds that although 51% of job activities can be automated, less than 5% of jobs are entirely replaceable by machines. Many more occupations will evolve as jobs are partially automated than will disappear.

Source: “51% of All Job Tasks Could Be Automated by Today’s Technology,” Yahoo Finance

Only 13% of U.S. and Canadian manufacturing jobs recently lost were due to international trade. 85% of the job losses stemmed from productivity growth — another way of saying machines replaced human workers.

Source: “Industrial Robots Will Replace Manufacturing Jobs — and That’s a Good Thing,” TechCrunch

By 2019, 75% of workers who use enterprise applications will have access to intelligent personal assistantsto augment their skills and expertise.

Source: “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Big Data, Business Analytics, and Cognitive Software 2017 Predictions,” IDC Research Inc.

4.   People development 

90% of companies that helped employees identify and develop their natural strengths achieved 10% to 19% increased sales, 14% to 29% increased profit, 9% to 15% increase in employee engagement, and 22% to 59% fewer safety incidents.

Source: “Global Study: ROI for Strengths-Based Development,” Gallup

91% of engineering firms agree that to improve the supply of engineers and technicians, more employers need to provide work experience for students in the education system.

Source: “2016 IET Skills Survey,” The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Of the children entering primary school today, 65% will end up working in job categories that do not yet exist.

Source: “The Future of Jobs,” World Economic Forum


5.   Workforce flexibility

The most innovative employees are twice as likely to have the flexibility to choose when and where they work, and they also have greater access to amenities such as gyms and childcare facilities.

Source: “The Gensler 2016 Workplace Survey Reveals Workplace Secrets of the Most Creative and Innovative Companies,” Gensler

75% of millennials want to work from home or from another location where they feel more productive.

Source: “The 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey – Winning Over the Next Generation of Leaders,” Deloitte

By 2020, 43% of the U.S. workforce is expected to consist of freelance workers, and within 10 years, there will be a new Global 2000 company with no full-time employees outside of the C-suite.

Source: “Accenture Technology Vision 2016,” Accenture

By 2021, more than 1 billion people worldwide will regularly use an AR/VR platform (augmented reality/virtual reality) to access apps, content, and data.

Source: “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2017 Predictions,” IDC Research Inc.

Renault uses virtual reality and immersive simulation technologies to allow its design team, partners, and suppliers to experience, interact with, and test-drive new car designs without any physical prototypes.

Source: “Designing the Workplace of the Future: Virtual Reality and 3D Panoramas,” CNN

Best Infographic Resume Templates and it importants


Many employers are no longer following the standard “apply and wait” application model. Now, they’re checking applicants on social media, visiting their personal sites, and accepting more creative job applications. 

An infographic resume is a creative way to show employers why you deserve their attention.

While infographic resumes generally shouldn’t replace a standard resume completely, they’re perfect for bringing to interviews, publishing on your site or social media pages, and attaching to email applications.

But if you aren’t a designer by trade, how can you create an infographic resume that impresses employers?


With the significant growth in high unemployment rates, the job market is tight. There are a lot more people in the market than there are jobs. Even in those countries where the economy is good, the best jobs still have much competition. People are always competing for the best jobs and the most lucrative projects, regardless of the economic situation.

The person who is responsible for hiring someone to fill a position in a company always have piles of dull, boring resumes on the desk or an email inbox. Some of them might have used an icon here or a line there, maybe some bolder colours, but for the most part, resumes all look the same, externally.

When they come across a resume that’s unique and creative, it represents the talents of whom sent it along with their personality. Moreover, it tells self-motivation of the person and also elaborates that the candidate is not afraid to take chances and do something unexpected. The person is likely going to get an interview, at least, even if their qualifications aren’t ideal. The central idea is that while a creative resume won’t necessarily land you to a dream job, but it can get you a foot in the door that might not have otherwise opened for you.

Differentiating your resume from all the other candidates, your potential employer might be considering is what will get you an interview and who knows, even a job because creative resumes are currently becoming so much popular because they are harder to stand out. That is why infographics resumes are a trend now.

Don’t be afraid to try something unique, whether it’s online or in a solid resume. There are thousands of ways you can get an infographic resume that stands out. If you’re trying to come up with ideas that are entirely different for your resume, think about how you can differentiate yourself from others who might be applying for the same position. Then figure out how to best showcase the differences. For someone with a varied background, an infographic might work well. For someone else who has a strong speciality in one thing or another, the design should showcase that particular skill very well.

If you’re still at a loss for ideas, look at the things around you and then think about how you could use those in your resume. If you are still confused, seek professional help.

Six must-have elements for Infographics

Information Visualization is quickly turning into the favored methods for correspondence in the present computerized world. To assuage shorter capacities to focus, advertisers must discover new and energizing approaches to impart thoughts to their intended interest groups. Infographics are fun and simple to process when executed effectively.

Here are six must-have components to incorporate while making your own one of a kind marked infographic:

  1. Graphic Title and Subheads 

Infographics disentangle extensive or entangled information by introducing it into an outwardly satisfying bundle. You need perusers to recognize what they’re taking a gander at immediately by including a distinct title and subheads.

  1. Useful Statistics 

Useful information puts the data in an infographic. Ensure your insights are profitable, pertinent, and obviously, exact. Credit all realities to the trustworthy sources from which you pulled them.

  1. Striking, Thematically Appropriate Color Scheme 

Pick a brilliant shading plan that lines up with the message you’re endeavoring to impart. Infographics ought to accomplish more than pass on data, and they ought to likewise summon a specific inclination. On the off chance that your infographic is on the cheerful side, abstain from hosing the state of mind with dull hues.

  1. Eye-Catching Graphics

Beside being intriguing and instructive, infographics ought to likewise be attractive. All things considered, you’re vieing for the consideration of a computerized group of onlookers with in excess of a couple of decisions with regards to sourcing data important to their interests. Make yours the champion top choice.

  1. Sorted out, Sequential Story 

Individuals would prefer only not to look over a bundle of information that they could end up with a snappy Google seek; they need a convincing story. Infographics ought to be organized and deliberately requested, enabling the peruser to process the data they contain inside the best possible setting.

  1. Uncommonly Highlighted Facts 

Try to feature the most relevant realities in your infographic by designing them particularly. Regardless of whether you feature, increment the text dimension, or strong the typeface.


Thank You, for reading through to the end, We hope you will use this information to create a better RESUME for yourself.

welcome note to kopaskonet welfare platfrom

We @Kopaskonet WELCOME you to this platform and also into your NYSC one year journey down the line

Getting to various state in Nigeria can be very stressful, full of headaches when it seems it your first time coming in.
Alighting from the Pack, getting to orientation camp seems to be cool? tell us about your ordeal.
Not to now start talking about integrating yourself to camp Biggles, parade, lectures, SAED, and sports.
However, take note in all this strenuous activities some find solace, makes new friends, experience life to the fullness and socialize as there are some so called, rich pickin, pampered pickin, get inside pickin, ajebor pickin, pako pickin etc. but here we are eating the same food, sleeping in the same room, bathing with karaye water, standing under the sun and inside the rain together, wearing the same kaaki together.
And now send to serve at different PPA to fulfill the mandate of the scheme. Its an adventure to some while to some it a punishment, but i wont lie to you, with this saying that “what so ever doesnt break you makes you.
We are our best when sited in our uncomfortable zones, we think well, act well, dress well, eat well because now life starts making more sense, no one is feeding you, waking you up, using your time, BUT YOU. Lets not leave this youthful, exploring and adventurous stage of our life thinking NIGERIA as sent you to suffer, but that anywhere you are you need to wake up to the reality that life is unfair, sweet, bitter, fun, ….. call it any thing you want, as you see it with your eye.
ENOUGH, already. Making a purposeful journey from the start leaves you with no regret when you reach your destinations.
COME with us on this journey less than 12month to go, will end, and what will you account it for?

KOPASKONET welfare platform exist to solve major problems faced by corps members in Nigeria, starting from the AREWA state of Nigeria, that you are in, we will expose you all to
1. opportunities embedded in your service year
2. skills that stand you out during and after your service year
3. start that dream business of yours with no finance problem
4. expose you to source of funding options for your business start up.
5. create a meaningful fun life that leads to a purposeful end

Part of other services we will offer to you
1. offer *ALREADY FURNISHED APARTMENT* sharable, and affordable for the period of one year.
2. *BUSINESS MENTOR-SHIP*; expose your eyes to see problem solving ideas, that you can work on to create value and exchange for profits.
3. *HANGOUT* sessions, pool timeout, morning exercise, drills and sport competitions.
4. *Tech Meetups*; learn salient skills that can stand you out, meet with Techprenuers doing great stuff you can learn from.
5. *FOOD COMBO* pack; get foodstuffs that will last you weeks at very ridiculous price compared with the market price.

Our Head office is sited in Kano state, we are growing when it comes to tech.

We will love to partner with corps members who are serious and want to make things work for others, self less and dedication to the call.

if you fit in to this requirement send your resume with a 2 pages motivation letter to our official email, we want to see what you had done before, your leadership roles, what motivate you, what problems have you solved, and what is your future aspiration.  We are launching Branches in every state of Nigeria so wow us.

We @kopaskonet uses tech to create solutions
check our website to get all the above services.
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Top 20 easy way to make money as a Nysc Corps member

When it comes to Nigeria things are not always easy especially for the youths of this beloved country. The current allowance for NYSC Corp member as at the date of this post is N19,800 which of course is not enough for upkeep.

However, while some are complaining of how they can barely survive. Other are striving on how they can make most of their service year a profitable one while serving in their various PPA’s.

Success is deliberate and it only happens to those who take action. Meeting you here makes believe you are one of the few that want a better future for their life irrespective of the current situation in Nigeria. Trust me there is nothing better than you taking responsibility for your life as fast as you can.

In this post, am going to walk you through some easy and low capital start-up business. Or ways you can make money while serving in your current place of primary assignment. Mind you, nothing good comes easily, especially when they are legitimate. So, I will want you to bring your passion alongside you while we review these various ideas together.



I think making money online is one of the easiest ways in which any youth Corper can make money while serving. The truth about online business that most people don’t know is that there are so many legit businesses, an untapped business that can be done easily without breaking a sweat. But most people have been blinded by the word scam that good opportunities elude them.

One of the best ways of making money online is starting a blog, though it might not sound easy at first, but, it always pays. I started the blog during my NYSC days and initially wrote this post while I was serving until it was edited.


Popcorn business has proved to be a lucrative business over the years because of the easy setup and vast market for it. Almost everybody eats popcorn I can’t recall if I have come across or seen anyone who doesn’t eat popcorn if at all there is; it’s definitely going to be few.


  • Reasons why you should start a POPCORN BUSINESS

Like I said, hardly can you see a person that doesn’t eat Popcorn. The demand for popcorn is very high because it cut across all ages. The adult eats it the young eat it even the children eat it. And it only cost a few changes to buy so the demand is always there.

Another reason why am recommending this business for NYSC Youth Corpers is that the raw materials are easily accessed.  They can be gotten in any part of the country, so your place of primary assignment shouldn’t be a barrier in setting this up. For those worried about capital in starting up their business. They shouldn’t be worried because popcorn only requires a little capital to start up.

  • Requirements for starting a popcorn business

First thing first, you have to go for knowledge. The good part about popcorn business is that it doesn’t require much time in learning. You can acquire all there is to know about the business within a week if not too much.

Get your equipment ready. For you to start this business you have a get a popcorn maker machine. I will suggest you buy one for starters and study the progress of the business …. Then buy another one if you see reasons to buy.  Also when buying the popcorn maker machine I recommend you to buy the one powered by gas so as to ease your production.

Other materials needed include butter, sugar, salt container mixer, a show glass, nylons etc.

  • Marketing strategy

You can liaise with your friends by going to their place of work be it school or anywhere and drop some for them. Make sure it has been calculated and plead with them to help you sell. Also on the days of CDS, or general CDS. Do well to take some with you and sell along the line while doing your CDS and lastly you can get a location and mount a mobile shop there and sell.

Try and make sure you meet the entire requirement before starting and carry out a feasibility study first before starting your business. 


This is the most popular means in which Youth Corp makes money asides from their federal allowance. Almost everybody does this, so the more reason I am recommending it to you. You can earn up to N40,000 besides your federal allowance doing this.

Hook up with the passing out Corp members to recommend you to the parents of their former students so you can take over from where they stop.

If your work is good your evening meal can be settled while going for the home tutoring, although it’s nothing much trust me it’s part of it.


Are you skilled with tools and good with handy works then this is a good time for you to monetize your skill while serving as a youth Coper.

Like me I can install DStv, GOtv, flat screen etc. and all this have been fetching me a good sum of money. At times I do installations within 2hours and I bill 5k to 8k per installation. Isn’t that cool?

Yours might be different it might be plumbing work, it might be the building of shoes or building of bags just name it. So far you can do it. The thing is, you might not be called every day to come and work. But once you’ve seen a contract even once in a week. it’s still worth it.


Another thing I can do easily or very good at; is decoration. Though I didn’t do it for money while serving as a youth Corper I only did it for my church. But who says you can’t make money from it.

If you can do it or even something else you are good at. Like if you can plate hair you can start by doing for your friends. And once they see your work, they will start referring their friends to you.

Doing this, you don’t even need to open a shop you can use your room or you go to your customer house and do it for them there. I know people that prefer doing their hair at home without going to the salon.  The list is just too many depending on your talent.

If you are a comedian you can start some shows or do MC by anchoring your friend’s birthday party and get paid for it.


Pastry business is one of those businesses you can start up with little capital and make a lot from it. You can start by making cupcakes, doughnut, pie, etc. depending on the one you can easily do.

You don’t have to worry about the market so far you are a Corper, expect your place of work is inside a bush, even at that once they have schools you already have markets for your product.

Your CDS meeting place. Besides your school is a good place for selling your pastries. You can also walk up to some various store around your place and sweet talk them into doing business with you. Once they agree you can start supplying them, trust me, you’ll start making your money.


Beads have come to be the talk of the town when it comes to fashion. You hardly see ladies without beads even guys now use beads. The market is just there and the good thing is; you can make money from it even as a Corper.

Another means in which you can make money for bead making is to organize tutorials for those that want to learn bead making. But that’s only if you are good at making beads and if not, go for the training and join them make money from bead making.

Your basic requirement for beads making include:

  • Bead design board
  • Metal strings
  • Wire cutters
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Clasps
  • Varieties of beads etc.

Here are some bead products you can make as a Corper and sell in your place of primary assignment (PPA):

  • Necklace
  • Waist belt
  • Bracelets
  • Hand bag
  • Rings
  • Wrist watch etc.

If you are truly good at this why not give it a trial and if you are not I will suggest you ask around on how you can learn bead making.


Saving cannot be over emphasis when it comes to serving as a Youth Corper. Have heard countless of time that the N19,800 is not enough for a month to talk less of saving from it. But the truth of the matter is that; there are many Corpers that are saving from this same amount just as everyone else.

I will suggest you find a trusted person you can save it with. If you can’t save it yourself, be it your Mum or Dad. Make sure immediately the payment is received do well to send the amount you want to save immediately.

It can be N5000 or N10,000 depending on how you can survive. If it’s N5000 for every month that’s N60,000 at the end of your service year. And if its N10,000 that will be N120, 000 at the end of your service year, not bad is it?

An average person can’t keep up with all his/her expenses with his/her fixed income. So it is wise to start saving and to do some good investments.

Investment is required for growing your wealth and achieving your life growth goals. Doing a right investment or finding a right investment medium can be very confusing for anyone when there is lot of advice out there.


This is how it works; let’s say ten friends agreed on a monthly payment of N10,000 for every month for ten months. That is N10,000 in 10 places which of course is N100,000.

What happens is that the first receiver receives a total amount of N100, 000 including he/her own contribution which is N10, 000. He/ she is free to do whatever he/she likes with it but preferable it’s saved in a fixed account or he/she use it to start a business.

For the next nine-month, he/she is required to a continuous contribution of N10, 000 till the last month. And this is so for every other party in this agreement. So the first have N100,000 at the end of the first month the second also have N100, 000 at the end of the second month until the circle is complete.

This can be a good idea once you know what you are doing.


You can make money from most of the skills you received from the orientation camp by becoming a personal trainer yourself in your PPA.

Most obese singles and the married woman are looking for a quick way to shed their weight but don’t have time because of their work. You can seize this opportunity if you find any by going to their house and become their personal trainers and get paid.

On a final note; the list is endless there are hundreds of business idea and ways to make money as a youth corper in Nigeria. But the best thing to do is to take time and study your environment first and see their needs.

Bring what they want to them and you will make serious money from that. Just a tip of advice, for you to be reading this post tells me you are serious about your future. And you want to make effective use of your one year.

Which of course is good, I commend you for that but the place of God cannot be over emphasis in once life make sure you give time for prayer and plan for your future.

Please if you have any suggestion you want to add, please feel free to comment in the box below and please help us share if you find these helpful

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TOP Best States For NYSC

Obviously, most opinion polls would recommend Lagos, Akwa Ibom, Delta or Rivers as the best states for NYSC. Therefore, it is normal for most intending Youth Corps members to jump on the bandwagon. But, before you join them this 2019, relax, get a quiet place and answer these few questions:

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Desired NYSC State

  • What course did I study in school, and which state hosts companies or facilities that require my services?

While choosing your NYSC state, watch out for states with companies that demand your services. Most likely, you stand a better chance of serving within your area of specialization, probably with the promise of a job after NYSC. For example, graduates of business, agriculture and petroleum engineering stand better chances at Lagos, Kebbi and Rivers States respectively. Imagine someone who studied fishery and aquaculture going to serve in Yobe. Huh, funny, isn’t it?

  • What are my hobbies?

It is a well known fact that there are very limited jobs. Therefore, I would encourage us to look beyond NYSC. In fact, some of the most successful people in the world made it from mastering their hobbies. Think of Ronaldo, Messi, Kobe Bryant, Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods, Dangote and so on. They are globally renowned names, but none of them had to get a degree in their fields. They probably started out as hobbies, until they turned careers. So, look out for where you can maximise your talents.

  •  Aside NYSC, what business opportunities exist.

Finally, 19,800 naira actually sounds big, until you find yourself swimming in a river of bills, in a foreign land. Note, there are many kinds of businesses to engage in, ranging from trading in goods to provision of service. First, look at the various needs in the various states. Consequently, pick out one where your skills could bridge the lacuna. Check out also goods needed in your place, and where you could get them to supply, for a profit. It works better where you live there, as in the case of NYSC.

Having answered those personal questions, you have successfully completed one part of the task. Now, take a look at the indices that shaped our “top ten” shortlist in order of importance.

Indices For Deciding The Best States For NYSC

  • Security
  • Availability of employers/jobs
  • State allowance (allawee)
  • Cost of living
  • Availability of basic amenities (light, water, good roads etc)

NYSC Best States 2019/2020

10. Niger State

This is a keenly contested position. However, Niger’s proximity to the nation’s capital, Abuja played a major role in fighting off competition from some other states like Sokoto, Nasarawa, Kebbi and Ebonyi. In terms of statistics, it performed best in the areas of cost of living, availability of employers (Abuja) and state allawee. Noteworthy is the fact that you can live in Niger, and work in Abuja. In summary, NYSC Niger is getting it right.


Oyo is home to University of Ibadan, one of Africa’s best Universities. Interestingly, Ibadan is one of the cheapest “big” cities in Nigeria. It’s nearness to Lagos and security are it’s strong points which helped put it on the list of Top 10 Best States To Serve.


First of all, Enugu has one of the most consistent NYSC pay packages for Youth Corps members. Furthermore, the state is very secure, and has a reasonable cost of living. However, jobs availability may pose a little challenge, as there are not many companies. Do not be scared though, as government establishments readily absorb a good number of Corps members too serve as their Place of Primary Assignment (P.P.A).


Outside Abuja and Lagos, Kaduna arguably is home to the highest number of Federal Government establishments. It is also home to a number of private companies including Peugeot, noodles/pasta companies and so on. Particularly, the state scores very high in the last index, as it is one of the few states that can boast of over twelve hours of light daily, pipe borne water and good roads. The cost of living here is moderate when compared with other states. However, it’s history of crises and the very pronounced cold inter ethnic and religious relations among it’s various parts, raises the tension, security wise. 


Recently, NYSC Rivers state has struggled to keep it’s bragging rights as one of the most preferred choices of Corp members. The state suffered some setbacks after a series of politically inspired crises and militancy questioned its security. In spite of that, it is the joint highest paying state in Nigeria, doling out between 10,000 and 15,000 Naira to corps members. With lots of companies, especially oil companies, it is not a bad place to serve after all.


Personally, I always advise people with business or political dreams to spend some time in the home of Kwankwasiyya. With (arguably) the highest concentration of elites in Nigeria, Kano is a place you can easily walk past a big politician or industrialist at any time. The cost of living here is unbelievably low. The security scare is nothing compared to the opportunities. Don’t forget Dangote, Abdulsamad(BUA) and a host of others call kano home. Our Head is sited in kano, so if you are posted there reach out to us we will personally help in anyway I can if you need any further information. Just drop a comment below. 


The Land of Promise may not be the cheapest state to survive or have a lot of companies. However, it is simply in a class of its own where all the indices listed above are considered. The state pays good attention to the welfare of Corps members. The rest is a story. Akwa Ibom is one of the most secure states in Nigeria, officially pays allawee and ministries hardly reject corpers. Traditionally, the state governor dines with the corps members before leaving camp. 

3. F.C.T ABUJA. 

A popular adage says “you can’t dine with the king and get back the same…” The seat of power is home to most of the VVIPs in Nigeria. Here you are assured of security, amenities, and exposure. 

2. Ogun STATE. 

Yes, Ogun may not pay as much as Lagos, Rivers or Akwa Ibom officially. But if you carefully follow activities in Nigeria’s industrial sector, you would notice almost every new and growing company is relocating to Ogun. With its very low cost of living, amenities, unmatched security, jobs etc, Ogun is far ahead. 

1. Lagos State. 

I know most people rightly predicted Lagos to maintain the pole position. Some of the reasons include its joint-highest allawee, its cosmopolitan nature and probably the wonderful economic environment. However, the few, but important factors that pushed it into second place include high cost of living, safety(touting and crime rate), low standard of living caused by poor living conditions, traffic and general dissatisfaction. 

Thank you for reading. Please share your comments and contributions. We are always available to answer your queries. We have a team in each of these states in case you require some help. Follow us on Instagram.

Fish farming for beginners in Nigeria made easy

Corps members engaging themselves in business while still serving their father land

Introduction to Fish Farming

Fish farming is known as pisciculture, that is, the breeding, rearing, and transplantation of fish by artificial means.

While fish naturally lives inside rivers, pisciculture is the means by which we grow fish at home, mostly for commercial purposes.

Fish farming is the major form of aquaculture (farming of aquatic organisms like fish, crustaceans, molluscs and aquatic plants).

Fish farming involves raising fish commercially in ponds, tanks or enclosures.

There are hundreds of species of fish, among which are; sea trout, cyprinids, pangas catfish, freshwater fishes, silver seabream, common carp, catla, greasy grouper, bighead carp, Nile tilapia, grass carp (who knows, maybe there are thousands more?).

However, most of the species of fish are not suitable for fish farming business in Nigeria, either because of their nature or because of the low demand in the fish market or the profitability of their species.

That’s why the most common fish species fish farmers grow for commercial purpose are carp, salmon, tilapia and catfish (while the last two, catfish and tilapia is the most common species in Nigeria fish market).

Means of Growing Fish

Fish could be grown in two ways:

Extensive aquaculture where fish grow under natural water (i.e. river or stream).

Then, intensive aquaculture where fish are fed with external food supply.

Intensive aquaculture is the area we’re focusing on in this tutorial because it’s easier for commercial fish farming in Nigeria.

What is The Most Profitable Fish to Farm?

If you’re new in the fish business, you probably want to know which of the species of fish is most profitable in Nigeria, especially if you’re aware that there are hundreds of species of fish (sea trout, cyprinids, pangas catfish, freshwater fishes, silver seabream, common carp, catla, greasy grouper, bighead carp, Nile tilapia, grass carp and thousands others).

Well, the straight answer to your question is; Catfish and Tilapia and the reason is very simple__ because of our climate, their growth and the fish market.

Climate; Just as it’s in Livestockcrops or other Agriculture business, climate and geographical locations affect different plants, species or crops differently.

Just as you may not be able to plant Apple or rear certain Goats in certain places, not all the species of fish you can rear in Nigeria.

Fish Growth; If you’re thinking of how to start a fish farming business in Nigeria, you are probably thinking of going into fish production for a commercial purpose.

What then happens when you have to rear your fish for 2 years before they weigh 1 KG?

No serious fish farmer can endure that so it’s always advisable you choose a specie that will grow fast, to meet your business plan.

Fish Market in Nigeria; Even when all the above points are in your favour, you still don’t have a business, until the market smile at what you’re selling.

After spending about decades in the business world, I can tell you that it doesn’t matter how great what you’re selling is, if the market doesn’t want it, you’ve got no business.

There are so many fishes Nigerians won’t eat (and it doesn’t matter how big they are).

What I can tell you is that, Catfish has a very large market (probably more than 70% of the entire locally produced fishes in Nigeria) and Tilapia too is loved by some Nigerians (maybe about 10% of the Nigerian fish market share).

So; What’s the most profitable fish to farm in Nigeria?

Any fish that can live in our climate, grow fast and loved by Nigerian fish consumers.

Catfish and Tilapia seem to win in this race!

How Do I Start a Fish Farm in Nigeria?

Whether you’re planning to start a small scale fish farming or a gigantic commercial fish farming in Nigeria, follow these 9 steps to get started;

  1. Get a good location for your farm
  2. Get a good source of water
  3. Choose the appropriate fish pond
  4. Decide the right species of fish for you
  5. Get healthy fingerling or juveniles
  6. Understand fish feeds & feeding
  7. Start Marketing your fish before they grow-up
  8. Be business minded
  9. Get good and practical fish farming training

Let’s get into details;

  1. Get a Good Location for Your Fish farming Business. 

    You need to first decide whether you’re starting your fish business on a small scale or you’re going big.

    If you’re starting a small scale fish farm, you may decide to start at your backyard with tank but if you’re going big, you may need to buy or rent one or few fish ponds (earthen or concrete ponds) outside your home.

  2. Get a Good Source of Water for Your Fish 

    How important is water to a fish? Just as oxygen is important to you. Take a fish out of water and it becomes helpless and dying.

    Put it in a bad water and you`re affecting its growth and productivity (though “bad” water varies, depending on the kind of fish we are talking about. Some fish live in rough water while others cannot).

    My point here is, you’ll need good source of water for your fish. Also note that what we humans consider a “Good Water” is not what fishes consider good water.

    Take for instance, we can drink government treated water but such water could be poisonous to the fish because of the chemicals used to treat the water for human consumption.

    How much will the water be? Here is a question you alone can answer. I know a man few years ago who had his fish farm at the back of his house.

    He can easily use the well of his house to satisfy these few fishes. How can a man with huge earthen fish pond do this?

    The size of your intending fish farm determines the quantity of water needed. If you’re starting a small scale fish business, you may be comfortable with a nearby well.

    If however you’re starting fish farming in Nigeria as a big business venture, then, you’ll need a strong well or bore hole and water storage tank.

  3. Choose The Right Fish Pond or Plastic Tank for Housing Your Fish.

    I compared water with oxygen in my above analogy. Here I’m talking about housing your fish.

    Just like you, your fish needs a comfortable place to live. The more natural and comfortable the fish pond is, the better for them.

    There are two popular fish housing system… backyard plastic tank or pond.

    Plastic tank may be good for you if you’re just starting fish farming in Nigeria (especially on a small scale).

    This small scale medium will help you to be familiar with the nature of the fishery business, before you’ll extend your market reach.

    Fish pond sizes are also different.

    Fish ponds are of various sizes and their cost is vary, depending on your environment and need.

    What should you do? Move out.

    Visit fish farms around you. Visit fish feeds seller. Visit some experienced bricklayers. Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask questions.

    The reason why I advise you to go out this way is because, these people will give you the best advice that can be useful to you in that environment, since they are in your vicinity.

    If you can’t do this, you can contact us so that we’ll use experienced farmers to help you on this. 

    After we have provided oxygen and house for our dear fish, what next?

  4. Decide The Right Species of Fish to Farm

    As briefly stated before, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of species in the fish family.

    This means you as a potential fish farmer have to decide which species to choose as you’re starting your own fish farming business in Nigeria.

    There are so many funny fishes like; Hypsurus caryi, Heterostichus rostratus, Hermosilla azurea, Halichoeres semicinctus, Gymnocorymbus ternetzi, Ginglymostoma cirratum, Galeocerdo cuvier, Embiotoca jacksoni, Echeneis naucrates, Ctenopoma acutirostre, Chromis viridis etc.

    However, you’re likely to be fine with catfish (or Tilapia, in a rare occasion) and getting Clarias gariepinusHeterobranchus bidorsalisClarias X Heterobranchus hybrid (Heteroclarias) and Clarias nigro-digitatus or Heterobranchus could be alright 

  5. Get Healthy Juveniles

    Juveniles are the little fishes you’ll need to grow to table-size.

    Ordinarily we have what we call Fry, which is the development stage of fish immediately after the larvae stage, at an age of less than a week.

    We also have what we call Fingerling which is the development stage of fish following the fry stage and continuing into the first three to four months of life.

    We as well have yearling which is the development stage of fish following the fingerling stage and lasting until approximately one year of age.

    The development stage of a fish after fingerling is what we refer to as juvenile.

    The best practice if you’re just starting a fish farm in Nigeria is to buy juveniles as this will save you from the headaches of much mortality you may experience from fingerlings.

    The most commonly seen catfish species in Nigeria are; Clarias gariepinusHeterobranchus bidorsalisClarias X Heterobranchus hybrid (Heteroclarias) and Clarias nigro-digitatusHeterobranchus

    Just as if everything else must be prepared before the fish itself, yes. There are fish farmers that specialize in hatching fingerlings and selling juveniles.

    Make sure you go for a reputable fish hatchery so as to avoid getting unhealthy juvenile. You know what it means to adopt a sickly child, don’t you? Don’t buy unhealthy juveniles.

    If you need any help here, contact our fishery experts STANDARDS OVALS PREMIUM SERVICES

    What if You’re Interested in Starting the Fish Farming Hatchery?

    I’ve received calls from many people who are considering fish husbandry in Nigeria and it’s a good ambition that some of these people want to start both the fish hatchery, rearing and marketing together.

    However, that’s not a good practice.

    If you’re just getting started, managing a fish hatchery, brooding stock and fry will be too much a learning curve for you.

    What I advise is that you should go and buy the needed fingerlings or juveniles now, while you may venture into fish hatchery later.

  6. Choose The Right Fish Feeds.

    Plants are able to utilize sunlight and simple nutrients to produce new organic material through photosynthesis.

    Animal (i.e. fish) cannot do this. That’s why animals need to feed on organic materials such as plants, other animals, or prepared food that contains plants or/and animals.

    When feeding our children (sorry, fish. Lol) both quality and quantity has to be taken care of.

    Feed them well and with quality fish feed.

    There are three means of food for your fish.

    • Natural fish feed. This is found naturally in the pond. This include; detritus, bacteria, plankton, worms, insects, snails, aquatic plants and fish (yes, fish eat fish if they`re hungry).
    • Supplementary fish feed. This usually include cheap materials locally available such as terrestrial plants, kitchen wastes or agricultural by-products. Supplementary feed may be good, but they are not for serious fish farmer (except if he includes the other types of feeds). Many people who are into fish farming in Nigeria are using supplementary feeds. some to their profit, others to their loss.
    • Complete feed. This is a carefully made fish feed. They`re usually of good ingredient and nutrients, made by the experts who understand the perfect formula for the fish at a different stage.

    How much does it cost to feed your fishes in Nigeria?

    You know I cannot tell what your vicinity looks like and when you’ll be reading this post. Do what I suggested above. Move out. Ask questions and you’ll learn from people currently in your environment who know the current price of feed in your city and area.

    Every other cost and materials (to be listed soon) could be gotten right in your environment. Take out a pen and paper. Move out and ask questions or contact our fishery experts to help you with you fish project.

  7.  Start Marketing Your Fishes Before They Are Grown Up.So many people who are starting fish farming business in Nigeria are making the mistake of thinking that the market is readily there.It’s not true.You have to start marketing your fish, even before they are grown up.I discussed this extensively in our fish farming TRAINING, book (PDF) and video. our practical training (hands on training) will hold by 3rd week of August, 2019.
  8. Be Business Minded

    Too many potential fish farmers think “It’s just about feeding the fish and selling them”.

    They are wrong!

    Fish farming is a business and if you want to succeed in this venture in Nigeria, you must approach it as a serious business.

    That’s the reason why we make sure that our fish farming training is two-in-one.

    We’ll train you how to be a fish entrepreneur and how to run a fish farm (You can get the FREE practical fish farming training in Nigeria)

  9. Think about a Mentor and Fish Farming Training:

    While this should be the first thing, I’m listing it last. Usually the difference between success and failure in any business is knowledge.

    That’s why we talk so much on this blog about acquiring business knowledge. As for you now, you have two kinds of knowledge you must go for: business knowledge as a whole.

    Yes, you have to be business-inclined to succeed in any given business.

    Then, you’ll need specific knowledge about fish farming business in Nigeria.

    If you’re really serious about starting a profitable fish farming business in Nigeria, we can be of good help to you by giving you a Free, practical, on-the-farm training in one of our associates’ fish farms in Medile Shagari Quarters Kano State.