No 1, NYSC Corps members welfare platform
Blessed morning, Dear CorperShun

Congratulations to our passing out 18B stream 2, we are rejoicing with them today.

==1==> *Well wishes for POP ceremony*

==2==> *PPA and Settlement advice*
Dont wait till August before you return back to Kano State. The wise ones will use the oppurtunity get their *PPA palava sorted* while there is no much pressure now from NYSC and corps members movement. By now if you enter any company or school they are *all saturated with the few ones left behind* who did not travel, and can see with their eyes open, rejecting PPA OFFERS as they have many choices to choose from.
Likewise we @Kopaskonet do receive lots of calls on the daily basis on *accommodation* and we start wondering why these fews ones are so aggressive to get the apartment their responses are always *”before my colleagues comes lets me make my choice now”*. so be back and dont wait for clearance as 18b are passing out today so there will be lots of openings in various PPA asap they leave. check out the list of available lodge vacancies below

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update 1
Well wishes for 2018 Batch B, POP ceremony

A journey of a thousand miles must surely come to an end. The best and precious currency ever spent is TIME. what they had use with their TIME will count and pay off for them thereafter.
We wish them happiness at the end, as this is what matter most. We rejoice with them, as you are part of those alive to witness the POP Ceremony and also will use the certificate to its profits.
For Batch B 2019, just starting we will love to guide you thro it all so you can also have an happy ending, as what has a start must end one day, so what will be your story like, dont say you dont know about kopaskonet, we are here to make life easier and make every minutes counts for you during your service year.
We @kopaskonet uses tech to create solutions, check our website to get all the during & after NYSC services we offers.
join the *kopaskonet Buz Mentorship* on whatsapp group link below to get latest skills set for creating value and living a purposeful life.

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No 1, NYSC Corps members Welfare Platform
Dear [[fullname]]
Welcome back from your break
ENJOY a 2 days FREE STAY @kopaskonet lodge, limited space left GET yours now on

BOOK ANY of our lodge FOR FREE

Accommodation Booking Form


Gwale lodges (Kano state)

1. 2 rooms in Gwale LGA (Danbare BUK NEW site) *KLGW/001* =90K per room (in biult shareable kitchen & toilet, well water, 24/7 power supply)
2. 2 flat of a room and parlor in Gwale LGA (Danbare BUK NEW site) *KLGW/006* =100k per flat (shareable kitchen & toilet, well-water, 24/7 power supply)
3. 10 self contained rooms in Gwale LGA (Danbare BUK NEW site) *KLGW/005* 160k per rooms (in biult kitchen & toilet, borehole water, 24/7 power supply)
4. 6 self contained rooms in Gwale LGA (Danbare BUK New site) *KLGW/007* = 150k per rooms (in biult kitchen & toilet, borehole water, 24/7 power supply)
5. MALE ROOMMATE option: 48k (6k per month offer) with 1 ceiling fan, 1 mattress, 3kg cooking gas and interior deco already supplied)…

*take note* all the lodge above are given as empty rooms at those prices, but payment of extra 15k gives you 1 5kg cooking gas, 1 mattress, 1 ceiling fan.
Closest PPA: Audu Bako Sect. Post office Kedco office, Haji Camp, KMC, MM Specialist Hospital, BUK, Kano Poly, FCE, etc.



1. 2 room at Nassarawa LGA (Yandodo along Hotor ringroad) *KLNW/001* =85k per room (in built general kitchen & personal toilet, well-water, 12/day power supply)
2. 1 room at Nassarawa LGA (Yandodo along Hotor ringroad) *KLNW/007* 30k for 5 months (in built general kitchen & toilet, well-water, 12/day power supply)
3. 6 rooms at Nassarawa LGA (Yandodo along Hotoro ringroad) *KLNW/012* = 130k (per each rooms, 2), 120k (per each rooms, 4)

note this that each rooms comes with kopaskonet package: interior deco, ceiling fan, mattress and cooking gas upon complete payment.

*CLOSEST PPA*: NNPC depot, Hotoro, Farm Center, BOI, BOA, Badawa, Lamido Crescent, Hadeja, Yankamba, KNUPDA, AKTH, AUDU BAKO ministry of work, State road, Saudatu Rimi College of Education…etc.

A Lady roommate option at Zungeru Sabogeri pls call 08108172255 (female roommate only)
A room and parlour Vacancy @Dakata with properties for sale call 09033016624 check here for the properties:
upcoming vacancies will be posted soon.


Tarauni lodges

1. A self contained bedrooms at Tarauni LGA (Yan Awaki along Bye pass) *KLTRN/01A* (option of 3 months for 30k) =150k
2. A self contained 4 bedrooms at Tarauni LGA (Yan Awaki along Bye pass) *KLTRN/005* =165k per room

However we also acquire properties from passing out corps members who want to transfer their apartment and also some of the facilities they dont want to travel back home with.

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Its a great night ahead,