This year 2020 had been tremendous to us all, infact it take a special grace for surviving through, we give God the glory for seeing us through. Amidst it all here we are, we never thought NYSC will not mobilise another batch again not until the lockdown was over and the pandemic was kept under control, it a great privilege to have you mobilized and henceforth we decided to maximise the platform to the best use.


Introducing *KOPASKONET E-SOLUTION PLATFORM*, a government registered platform owned and powered by a reputable company with RC no: 3259239 with a mandate to ensure every NYSC Corps Member make best use of the one year service to their fatherland. The team being ex-corps members had gathered lots of experiences serving in different part of the country, with diverse language and cultural background. We are set to make sure the one year is not just a waste but a profitable and useful one that the platform will add value and make every ex-corps member at that point of passing out say, YES i am ready to go to the next level, not like some do, “crying to federal govt to continue paying them allawee”. So if you are with us on that journey, read carefully the below offers and find which one best suit your need. Sorry before I forgot we got your contact from our partners and we don’t just send random messages but ones in a week.


*1. iShare Mentorship Platform*: Once in a month Meet-Ups where ideas are shared, solutions are formed and product created to implementation. Weekly virtual meetups with like minds where business and real life entrepreneurial skills are been taught by experience Founders/CEO (guest speakers). *JOIN US NOW*


*2. iVolunteer Platform*: community Project by Govt, NGO & Public/private organisation requires volunteers who want to have on-the-job experience and network with opportunities. Graduate Interns/Corps member can be part of and who knows if that can be a paid job after service year. For instant We have a Licenced NIMC partners recruiting agent nationwide *VOLUNTEER NOW*


*3. Shared Furnished Accommodation*: Been a first timer in a new geographical zone of the country requires that you have a familiar face and this we believe makes settling down easier, we have existing corps members in all nook and cranny of the country already residing where you are posted to. Worry less and connect with us to get you a comfortable, secure accommodation you can call home, a family house with basic amenities with low cost and optional monthly rent payment. *BOOK AHEAD NOW*


*4. iLearn Platform*: why not use few hours of your service year acquiring new skills required for the future of work, deep knowledge with applicable skill to strive in the new digital economy join the *iCohort Digital Academy*, starting by January 2021. Both Physical/Virtual learning, distance is not our barrier if you are not in state we have physical presence. What make us different: There are laptops for your use, flexible tuition payment & Scholarships, complete learning with waterdown project/internship implementation, NYSC SAED certification, Weekend training with Accommodation from those coming into the city. *JOIN THE NEXT COHORT*


*5. iCelebrate Platform*: NYSC Corps members doing project with great impact are being nominated, celebrated, rewarded and showcased to the world of opportunities. Get encouraged to do more and also see the result of hardworking and diligence spirit of others. Be our next corper of the month for your state by start something good, embark on a personal CDS etc. *NOMINATE SOMEONE NOW*


Others offers and services are highlighted in the website ** Get started by visiting the website.


EVERYWHERE & ANYWHERE within the 36 state including FCT, we got you covered.

Official Whatsapp line: 08084727641