welcome note to kopaskonet welfare platfrom

We @Kopaskonet WELCOME you to this platform and also into your NYSC one year journey down the line

Getting to various state in Nigeria can be very stressful, full of headaches when it seems it your first time coming in.
Alighting from the Pack, getting to orientation camp seems to be cool? tell us about your ordeal.
Not to now start talking about integrating yourself to camp Biggles, parade, lectures, SAED, and sports.
However, take note in all this strenuous activities some find solace, makes new friends, experience life to the fullness and socialize as there are some so called, rich pickin, pampered pickin, get inside pickin, ajebor pickin, pako pickin etc. but here we are eating the same food, sleeping in the same room, bathing with karaye water, standing under the sun and inside the rain together, wearing the same kaaki together.
And now send to serve at different PPA to fulfill the mandate of the scheme. Its an adventure to some while to some it a punishment, but i wont lie to you, with this saying that “what so ever doesnt break you makes you.
We are our best when sited in our uncomfortable zones, we think well, act well, dress well, eat well because now life starts making more sense, no one is feeding you, waking you up, using your time, BUT YOU. Lets not leave this youthful, exploring and adventurous stage of our life thinking NIGERIA as sent you to suffer, but that anywhere you are you need to wake up to the reality that life is unfair, sweet, bitter, fun, ….. call it any thing you want, as you see it with your eye.
ENOUGH, already. Making a purposeful journey from the start leaves you with no regret when you reach your destinations.
COME with us on this journey less than 12month to go, will end, and what will you account it for?

KOPASKONET welfare platform exist to solve major problems faced by corps members in Nigeria, starting from the AREWA state of Nigeria, that you are in, we will expose you all to
1. opportunities embedded in your service year
2. skills that stand you out during and after your service year
3. start that dream business of yours with no finance problem
4. expose you to source of funding options for your business start up.
5. create a meaningful fun life that leads to a purposeful end

Part of other services we will offer to you
1. offer *ALREADY FURNISHED APARTMENT* sharable, and affordable for the period of one year.
2. *BUSINESS MENTOR-SHIP*; expose your eyes to see problem solving ideas, that you can work on to create value and exchange for profits.
3. *HANGOUT* sessions, pool timeout, morning exercise, drills and sport competitions.
4. *Tech Meetups*; learn salient skills that can stand you out, meet with Techprenuers doing great stuff you can learn from.
5. *FOOD COMBO* pack; get foodstuffs that will last you weeks at very ridiculous price compared with the market price.

Our Head office is sited in Kano state, we are growing when it comes to tech.

We will love to partner with corps members who are serious and want to make things work for others, self less and dedication to the call.

if you fit in to this requirement send your resume with a 2 pages motivation letter to our official email, we want to see what you had done before, your leadership roles, what motivate you, what problems have you solved, and what is your future aspiration.  We are launching Branches in every state of Nigeria so wow us.

We @kopaskonet uses tech to create solutions
check our website to get all the above services.
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