Top 20 easy way to make money as a Nysc Corps member

When it comes to Nigeria things are not always easy especially for the youths of this beloved country. The current allowance for NYSC Corp member as at the date of this post is N19,800 which of course is not enough for upkeep.

However, while some are complaining of how they can barely survive. Other are striving on how they can make most of their service year a profitable one while serving in their various PPA’s.

Success is deliberate and it only happens to those who take action. Meeting you here makes believe you are one of the few that want a better future for their life irrespective of the current situation in Nigeria. Trust me there is nothing better than you taking responsibility for your life as fast as you can.

In this post, am going to walk you through some easy and low capital start-up business. Or ways you can make money while serving in your current place of primary assignment. Mind you, nothing good comes easily, especially when they are legitimate. So, I will want you to bring your passion alongside you while we review these various ideas together.



I think making money online is one of the easiest ways in which any youth Corper can make money while serving. The truth about online business that most people don’t know is that there are so many legit businesses, an untapped business that can be done easily without breaking a sweat. But most people have been blinded by the word scam that good opportunities elude them.

One of the best ways of making money online is starting a blog, though it might not sound easy at first, but, it always pays. I started the blog during my NYSC days and initially wrote this post while I was serving until it was edited.


Popcorn business has proved to be a lucrative business over the years because of the easy setup and vast market for it. Almost everybody eats popcorn I can’t recall if I have come across or seen anyone who doesn’t eat popcorn if at all there is; it’s definitely going to be few.


  • Reasons why you should start a POPCORN BUSINESS

Like I said, hardly can you see a person that doesn’t eat Popcorn. The demand for popcorn is very high because it cut across all ages. The adult eats it the young eat it even the children eat it. And it only cost a few changes to buy so the demand is always there.

Another reason why am recommending this business for NYSC Youth Corpers is that the raw materials are easily accessed.  They can be gotten in any part of the country, so your place of primary assignment shouldn’t be a barrier in setting this up. For those worried about capital in starting up their business. They shouldn’t be worried because popcorn only requires a little capital to start up.

  • Requirements for starting a popcorn business

First thing first, you have to go for knowledge. The good part about popcorn business is that it doesn’t require much time in learning. You can acquire all there is to know about the business within a week if not too much.

Get your equipment ready. For you to start this business you have a get a popcorn maker machine. I will suggest you buy one for starters and study the progress of the business …. Then buy another one if you see reasons to buy.  Also when buying the popcorn maker machine I recommend you to buy the one powered by gas so as to ease your production.

Other materials needed include butter, sugar, salt container mixer, a show glass, nylons etc.

  • Marketing strategy

You can liaise with your friends by going to their place of work be it school or anywhere and drop some for them. Make sure it has been calculated and plead with them to help you sell. Also on the days of CDS, or general CDS. Do well to take some with you and sell along the line while doing your CDS and lastly you can get a location and mount a mobile shop there and sell.

Try and make sure you meet the entire requirement before starting and carry out a feasibility study first before starting your business. 


This is the most popular means in which Youth Corp makes money asides from their federal allowance. Almost everybody does this, so the more reason I am recommending it to you. You can earn up to N40,000 besides your federal allowance doing this.

Hook up with the passing out Corp members to recommend you to the parents of their former students so you can take over from where they stop.

If your work is good your evening meal can be settled while going for the home tutoring, although it’s nothing much trust me it’s part of it.


Are you skilled with tools and good with handy works then this is a good time for you to monetize your skill while serving as a youth Coper.

Like me I can install DStv, GOtv, flat screen etc. and all this have been fetching me a good sum of money. At times I do installations within 2hours and I bill 5k to 8k per installation. Isn’t that cool?

Yours might be different it might be plumbing work, it might be the building of shoes or building of bags just name it. So far you can do it. The thing is, you might not be called every day to come and work. But once you’ve seen a contract even once in a week. it’s still worth it.


Another thing I can do easily or very good at; is decoration. Though I didn’t do it for money while serving as a youth Corper I only did it for my church. But who says you can’t make money from it.

If you can do it or even something else you are good at. Like if you can plate hair you can start by doing for your friends. And once they see your work, they will start referring their friends to you.

Doing this, you don’t even need to open a shop you can use your room or you go to your customer house and do it for them there. I know people that prefer doing their hair at home without going to the salon.  The list is just too many depending on your talent.

If you are a comedian you can start some shows or do MC by anchoring your friend’s birthday party and get paid for it.


Pastry business is one of those businesses you can start up with little capital and make a lot from it. You can start by making cupcakes, doughnut, pie, etc. depending on the one you can easily do.

You don’t have to worry about the market so far you are a Corper, expect your place of work is inside a bush, even at that once they have schools you already have markets for your product.

Your CDS meeting place. Besides your school is a good place for selling your pastries. You can also walk up to some various store around your place and sweet talk them into doing business with you. Once they agree you can start supplying them, trust me, you’ll start making your money.


Beads have come to be the talk of the town when it comes to fashion. You hardly see ladies without beads even guys now use beads. The market is just there and the good thing is; you can make money from it even as a Corper.

Another means in which you can make money for bead making is to organize tutorials for those that want to learn bead making. But that’s only if you are good at making beads and if not, go for the training and join them make money from bead making.

Your basic requirement for beads making include:

  • Bead design board
  • Metal strings
  • Wire cutters
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Clasps
  • Varieties of beads etc.

Here are some bead products you can make as a Corper and sell in your place of primary assignment (PPA):

  • Necklace
  • Waist belt
  • Bracelets
  • Hand bag
  • Rings
  • Wrist watch etc.

If you are truly good at this why not give it a trial and if you are not I will suggest you ask around on how you can learn bead making.


Saving cannot be over emphasis when it comes to serving as a Youth Corper. Have heard countless of time that the N19,800 is not enough for a month to talk less of saving from it. But the truth of the matter is that; there are many Corpers that are saving from this same amount just as everyone else.

I will suggest you find a trusted person you can save it with. If you can’t save it yourself, be it your Mum or Dad. Make sure immediately the payment is received do well to send the amount you want to save immediately.

It can be N5000 or N10,000 depending on how you can survive. If it’s N5000 for every month that’s N60,000 at the end of your service year. And if its N10,000 that will be N120, 000 at the end of your service year, not bad is it?

An average person can’t keep up with all his/her expenses with his/her fixed income. So it is wise to start saving and to do some good investments.

Investment is required for growing your wealth and achieving your life growth goals. Doing a right investment or finding a right investment medium can be very confusing for anyone when there is lot of advice out there.


This is how it works; let’s say ten friends agreed on a monthly payment of N10,000 for every month for ten months. That is N10,000 in 10 places which of course is N100,000.

What happens is that the first receiver receives a total amount of N100, 000 including he/her own contribution which is N10, 000. He/ she is free to do whatever he/she likes with it but preferable it’s saved in a fixed account or he/she use it to start a business.

For the next nine-month, he/she is required to a continuous contribution of N10, 000 till the last month. And this is so for every other party in this agreement. So the first have N100,000 at the end of the first month the second also have N100, 000 at the end of the second month until the circle is complete.

This can be a good idea once you know what you are doing.


You can make money from most of the skills you received from the orientation camp by becoming a personal trainer yourself in your PPA.

Most obese singles and the married woman are looking for a quick way to shed their weight but don’t have time because of their work. You can seize this opportunity if you find any by going to their house and become their personal trainers and get paid.

On a final note; the list is endless there are hundreds of business idea and ways to make money as a youth corper in Nigeria. But the best thing to do is to take time and study your environment first and see their needs.

Bring what they want to them and you will make serious money from that. Just a tip of advice, for you to be reading this post tells me you are serious about your future. And you want to make effective use of your one year.

Which of course is good, I commend you for that but the place of God cannot be over emphasis in once life make sure you give time for prayer and plan for your future.

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