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Many employers are no longer following the standard “apply and wait” application model. Now, they’re checking applicants on social media, visiting their personal sites, and accepting more creative job applications. 

An infographic resume is a creative way to show employers why you deserve their attention.

While infographic resumes generally shouldn’t replace a standard resume completely, they’re perfect for bringing to interviews, publishing on your site or social media pages, and attaching to email applications.

But if you aren’t a designer by trade, how can you create an infographic resume that impresses employers?


With the significant growth in high unemployment rates, the job market is tight. There are a lot more people in the market than there are jobs. Even in those countries where the economy is good, the best jobs still have much competition. People are always competing for the best jobs and the most lucrative projects, regardless of the economic situation.

The person who is responsible for hiring someone to fill a position in a company always have piles of dull, boring resumes on the desk or an email inbox. Some of them might have used an icon here or a line there, maybe some bolder colours, but for the most part, resumes all look the same, externally.

When they come across a resume that’s unique and creative, it represents the talents of whom sent it along with their personality. Moreover, it tells self-motivation of the person and also elaborates that the candidate is not afraid to take chances and do something unexpected. The person is likely going to get an interview, at least, even if their qualifications aren’t ideal. The central idea is that while a creative resume won’t necessarily land you to a dream job, but it can get you a foot in the door that might not have otherwise opened for you.

Differentiating your resume from all the other candidates, your potential employer might be considering is what will get you an interview and who knows, even a job because creative resumes are currently becoming so much popular because they are harder to stand out. That is why infographics resumes are a trend now.

Don’t be afraid to try something unique, whether it’s online or in a solid resume. There are thousands of ways you can get an infographic resume that stands out. If you’re trying to come up with ideas that are entirely different for your resume, think about how you can differentiate yourself from others who might be applying for the same position. Then figure out how to best showcase the differences. For someone with a varied background, an infographic might work well. For someone else who has a strong speciality in one thing or another, the design should showcase that particular skill very well.

If you’re still at a loss for ideas, look at the things around you and then think about how you could use those in your resume. If you are still confused, seek professional help.

Six must-have elements for Infographics

Information Visualization is quickly turning into the favored methods for correspondence in the present computerized world. To assuage shorter capacities to focus, advertisers must discover new and energizing approaches to impart thoughts to their intended interest groups. Infographics are fun and simple to process when executed effectively.

Here are six must-have components to incorporate while making your own one of a kind marked infographic:

  1. Graphic Title and Subheads 

Infographics disentangle extensive or entangled information by introducing it into an outwardly satisfying bundle. You need perusers to recognize what they’re taking a gander at immediately by including a distinct title and subheads.

  1. Useful Statistics 

Useful information puts the data in an infographic. Ensure your insights are profitable, pertinent, and obviously, exact. Credit all realities to the trustworthy sources from which you pulled them.

  1. Striking, Thematically Appropriate Color Scheme 

Pick a brilliant shading plan that lines up with the message you’re endeavoring to impart. Infographics ought to accomplish more than pass on data, and they ought to likewise summon a specific inclination. On the off chance that your infographic is on the cheerful side, abstain from hosing the state of mind with dull hues.

  1. Eye-Catching Graphics

Beside being intriguing and instructive, infographics ought to likewise be attractive. All things considered, you’re vieing for the consideration of a computerized group of onlookers with in excess of a couple of decisions with regards to sourcing data important to their interests. Make yours the champion top choice.

  1. Sorted out, Sequential Story 

Individuals would prefer only not to look over a bundle of information that they could end up with a snappy Google seek; they need a convincing story. Infographics ought to be organized and deliberately requested, enabling the peruser to process the data they contain inside the best possible setting.

  1. Uncommonly Highlighted Facts 

Try to feature the most relevant realities in your infographic by designing them particularly. Regardless of whether you feature, increment the text dimension, or strong the typeface.


Thank You, for reading through to the end, We hope you will use this information to create a better RESUME for yourself.

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